parents day

Parent’s Day

PARENT’S DAY ORIGIN AND HISTORY OF PARENTS’ DAY IN INDIA In almost all the countries, the custom of respecting and caring for parents is an age old tradition. Recently, the parent’s day is observed as the day in which the day is dedicated to our parent’s in order to honor them. In the year 1994, […]

Teachers Day India

Teachers’ Day

INDIAN TEACHER’S DAY HISTORY Since 1962, India has been celebrating Teacher’s Day on 5th September. Teacher’s Day is celebrated in order to remember the birthday of Dr. SarvepalliRadhakhrishnan. He was a philosopher and a teacher par excellence and also he has contributed a lot for Indian education system. And also he thought in his mind […]

Navratri Festival India

Navratri Festival in India

NAVRATRI HISTORY OF NAVRATRI The very important festival which is celebrated in India is known as “NAVRATRI”. “NAVRATRI” festival is devoted to Goddess Durga. This festival is celebrated throughout our country with great reverence and faith. “NAVRATRI” will be conducted for nine days. On each day, each form of Goddess Durga will be dedicated. They […]

Fathers Day Gifts to India, Fathers Day Date, Fathers Day India

Father’s Day in India

FATHER’S DAY FATHER’S DAY is celebrated every year in the third Sunday in the month of JUNE. On this auspicious day, we have to take head bath, and we have to pray to God as to this day should be a wonderful day for us. Then, we have to kneel down before our parents and […]

Independence Day

Indian Independence Day, August 15, Every Year

INDEPENDENCE DAY ‘Independence’ means to be free and need not depend on others. Independence Day is celebrated on 15th August 1947 in our country. This was a day when darkness was eradicated from our country and little bit of light was piercing in our country. This means that this was the day when the British […]

Onam Festival India

Onam Festival in India

ONAM ONAM is an annual harvest festival and also, it is an occasion of great joy. Onam is celebrated mainly in the state of “KERALA”, in India. The duration of Onam festival is from four days to ten days. The festival will be celebrated by worshipping God, playing music, dance, sports, boat races and also […]