Mothers Day History, Date and Gifts


MOTHER’S DAY is celebrated every year in the second Sunday, in the month of MAY. On this auspicious day, we have to get up early in the morning and we have to take bath and we have to get ready quickly and worship God. And after worshipping God, we have to lie down on the floor and touch the feet of both our parents i.e. we have to touch the feet of our Father and Mother and get blessings from them. After getting blessings from them, we have to eat breakfast which is prepared by our mother. And after having breakfast, we have to give some gift that we have purchased to our mother. Our mother will get surprised when, we give that gift to her. And also our mother will get very happy. On this day, in our house, we will get up early in the morning, and take head bath. And after taking head bath, we will get dressed up and we will pray to God at home that today should be a wonderful day for us and there should be no problems, quarrels, fighting etc. that should take place. After praying to God, we will have breakfast which was prepared by my mother. Then, after eating the breakfast, I will give some surprise gift which my Father and I had bought. My mother will be surprised when she sees the gift which we have bought for her. Then, after that, we will go to Temple on this auspicious day to worship God. After worshipping God, we will come to our house and will watch T.V. for some time. After seeing T.V., for some time, my mother will cook lunch for us at around 1P.M. By 2 P.M. or so, we will eat lunch, which is prepared by my mother. And after eating the lunch which is prepared by my mother, we will see some new movie or old movie which is featuring on some Tamil channels. When the new movie or old movie, gets over, they will telecast the interview of some Tamil movie star, we will see that interview. Sometimes, in some Tamil channels, at around 5P.M. or so, they will telecast some game shows in where, some Soap Opera celebrities will participate in the game shows. In one side, there will be one set of Soap Opera celebrities and in the other side; there will be another set of Soap Opera celebrities. They will play against each other as if they are their rivals. There will be lots of games in that one single game show. They will ask General Knowledge questions in the first round. Then, they may tell to draw an animal picture on the board blind-folded in the second round. Then, they may also keep a task in which among the both the teams, who breaks more balloons, will be the winner of the third round. After finishing all the three rounds, they will calculate the cumulative scores of the three rounds and whichever team has scored highest marks, they will be the winner of the game. And that team, which has scored lowest marks, will be the runner – up of the game. Then, the Anchors will distribute gifts to the winner team and also to the runner-up team. And, when this game show gets over, they will telecast a Tamil movie in the channel. Mostly, only the new movie which was released recently will be telecasted by the Tamil channel. The movie will start at around 6 P.M. in the evening and end at around 10 P.M. in the night. We will have our dinner at around 8:30 P.M. or so. We will eat our dinner by watching the T.V. After finishing our dinner, we will see the balance movie which is being telecasted currently by the T.V. channel. When the movie gets over, we will switch off the T.V. and go to our bed to sleep.