Birthday Gifts & Ideas


“BIRTHDAY” means the day in which we are born in this world. On this day, we should be happy and also it is our responsibility to make others happy. On this auspicious day i.e. on my birthday, I will get up early in the morning and I will take head bath on this auspicious day. After taking head bath, I will were my brand new “BIRTHDAY DRESS” which I have bought for my birthday. After getting dressed, I will get blessings from my Father and my Mother by lying down on the floor and touching both of their feet and getting blessings from them. After getting blessings from them, both of them will feed me some sweet or any chocolates which are available in our house. After having sweet, we will go to any Temple which is nearby our house and we will pray to God. We will pray to God that this day should be a wonderful day for my Father, my Mother and also for me and also we will pray that, there should not be any problems, quarrels and troubles on this auspicious day. After praying to God, we will come to our house and we will eat our breakfast. Generally, my mother will prepare some special tiffin like, “ARISI UPMA” or “MASALA DOSA” and “URAD DAL VADA” etc. After having my breakfast, if my Birthday falls on any weekdays like Monday, I will come to office. If it falls on weekends like Sunday, I and my Father and my Mother will go to “KALIGHAT KALI TEMPLE”. If we were in Chennai, we will go to “KAALIGAMBAL TEMPLE”. After going to the Temple, we will come to our house. After coming to our house, we will watch some game shows like “CONNECTION” at 1 P.M. After seeing “CONNECTION”, we will see some comedy show like “KALAKKA POVATHU YAARU” at 2 P.M.  My mother will cook lunch side-by-side by watching these two programs. After cooking lunch, my mother will serve us Lunch at around 2 P.M. or so. We will have our Lunch side by side while seeing this “KALAKKA POVATHU YAARU” comedy show. Then, after having lunch, we will see the balance show which is going on. After seeing that balance show, my Father will take a nap or he may watch some Tamil or Telugu movies which are being telecasted in Tamil or Telugu channels. In the meantime, I will get lots of phone calls from our relatives for wishing “MANY MORE HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY” to me. Some of our relatives will call me in the morning itself and they will wish me and some of them will call me in the afternoon when they remember that this day is my Birthday and some of them will call me in the evening and wish me. It’s up to them. They will call me whenever they find time. My father will wake up at 6 P.M. or so. After he wakes up, we will have some snacks like samosa, chocolate cake etc. Both my Father and my Mother will take a piece of Chocolate cake and they will feed me. After that, we will go to some SEVEN STAR HOTEL and we will celebrate my birthday. To go to this SEVEN STAR HOTEL, we will book our table one month before my birthday so that, someone may not book the table. We are booking the table in advance because, in order to avoid the heavy rush which may or may not be on that time because, we cannot predict that there will be rush or there will not be rush at that time. To avoid this tension, we will book our table one month in advance of my birthday. Then after that, we will have BUFFET dinner in that SEVEN STAR HOTEL. After having dinner, I will order “CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM” for the dessert. After having “CHOCOLATE ICE-CREAM” for the dessert, we will take some photos like eating ice-cream and like eating dinner etc. After having dinner, we will come to our house and we will go to sleep.